Simple things to prevent Swine Flu (H1N1)

Posted by 17 Sep, 2009

Welcome to the first, of what I hope, will be many Smith Chiropractic Health & Wellness Blogs. I have wanted, for a very long time, to find a platform thru which to provide both timely and classic information, which everyone can use to improve their lives. Nothing is more timely than the topic of H1N1 aka “swine flu”. The following is a quick resource to understand and take action to protect yourself and those you care about. Please feel free to print and distribute or forward this information. The following information comes from both leading world health organizations and leaders in natural healthcare.

  • First, don’t panic! Now more than ever is the time to be proactive for your health, and there are many things you can do to help.
  • H1N1 mainly infects you by picking it up on your hands and touching your eyes, mouth, & nose. So Wash Your Hands or use a 60% alcohol hand sanitizer, often.
  1. Be on the lookout for flu like symptoms; such as sudden fever, chills, fatigue, sore throat, head and body aches. Influenza H1N1 aka “swine flu” is easily spread but is not particularly virulent, for most it doesn’t make you that sick, but now is not the time to ignore your health, especially if you are under age 53. Children aged 5-17 have the greatest exposure, so they need to take the most precautions.
  2. The common Flu Vaccine will not prevent Swine Flu, but many older Americans already have full or partial immunity to H1N1.
  3. The Best way to prevent spread and infection, Wash your hands with warm water and soap, before eating, when you return home, and after you have been in a public place where infected people may be.  60% Alcohol based hand sanitizers also work.
  4. Don’t touch your eyes or mouth with unclean fingers.
  5. Drink plenty of pure water. Take a quality multivitamin, both boost your natural immunity.
  6. Get plenty of rest/sleep. Get plenty of exercise, both boost you natural immunity.
  7. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables; they boost your natural immunity.
  8. Eat less refined sugar, it suppresses your natural immunity.
  9. If you start to feel sick, don’t panic, be proactive, consult your health care provider and start taking anti viral measures, yes there are many things you can take to recover more quickly, and stay home to heal.
  10. H1N1 is here and it is everywhere, so you must be proactive every day. If you take extra care, even if you do contract H1N1, the effects will be greatly reduced.
  11. It is easier than you think to strengthen you immune system, just follow common sense. Remember Mom making you wash your hands before dinner and making you eat all the vegetables on your plate, well Mom was right, and Moms have been right for a long time.
  12. Please don’t worry, it has been scientifically proven that stress weakens your immune system, but research has also shown that being proactive reduces stress levels and thus builds your immunity.

I hope this was helpful; I use the same information with my family and my practice. It’s never too late to start taking positive steps towards improved health. Good luck!

In our next Blog, I will discuss the latest research on Vitamin D, and how it may hold great promise for your future health.

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