Is Your Smartphone Becoming a Pain-in-the-Neck?

Posted by 3 Apr, 2016


The Growing Problem of Text Neck Syndrome: In today’s technology driven world, more and more people are constantly viewing their smartphones on a daily basis. It was reported that the average person views their mobile device 110 times a day. That’s insane! While you are constantly looking down at your phone, you are putting tons of stress and tension on your neck. Over time, this can strain the neck’s muscular and skeletal structures. Yikes, that does not sound good.

Help for Text Neck Syndrome: Lucky, we have a simple solution to text neck syndrome. Instead of looking down at your phone, you should hold it eye level distance. By making this small adjustment, you can protect your neck from unwanted harm. Trust me, your neck will thank you! If you continue to experience neck pain and/or discomfort, chiropractic care has been shown to be an effective method of correcting the cause of your pain and preventing future problems.

A proven and safe way to treat neck pain is through chiropractic adjustments and simple exercises that will promote a more healthy range of motion, correct spinal alignment, and proper posture which in turn alleviates the pain associated with this common problem.

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy week! We invite you to visit Smith Chiropractic Family Care and Sports Injury Center. We will be back next week with another useful health & technology tip.



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